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We are the Groweb, a creative agency located in the heart of the Lubuskie voidvoideship. We are proud of the development of our unique projects and professional solutions, which help our customers in daily business.

What makes us different?

Our years of experience in leading own internet projects such as shops, have resulted in knowledge which we put into our projects.

Target Audience
  • Small and medium companies
  • Producers
  • Individual customer
  • Music bands
  • Game developers
What we actually do?
  • Websites and internet shops
  • Visual identification
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Video production



UI/UX Design


Social Media




Video Production


We are proud of our unique project development and professional solutions.

Dynamic technology development and trends stimulate us to constant improve ourselves in various IT fields.

It is our passion – We derive pleasure from what we are able to offer You in projects.


We base on the newest HTML5, CSS3 technologies, which we use in our projects.


Nice, simple, appropriable websites its our power! We create projects with passion and individual attitude.

Quality & Details
Our own works stand out of quality of confirmed technologies as like taking care of details.


Websites, Web portals, Landing page

Visual Identification

Logo, Characters, Names, Brand

Social Media

Social Media accounts management

Commercial Campaign

Adwords or Facebook Ads


Sell Platforms for Your business

Video Production

Commercial spots, presentation of products or services


Professional content filing for Your Website, Blog or Catalogue


Business cards or another advertising materials


We will prepare a website or internet shop and we will guide Your social media account as well.


We have heads filled with ideas which only await to look after Your project.

On time

We do our works professionally, earnestly and on time. We are truly fast!


We will try to adjust to Your budget.


We create texts for websites, logos and advertising materials as well.


We do what we love to do and we can’t look at it any other way.

Online marketing is Your own showcase of Your business.

It’s important for project to be made by people with passion and knowledge.

In Customer projects we implement long-term experience, the newest technologies and leading own projects which have resulted in understanding of online marketing mechanisms.

What we focus on?

At the beginning, we listen our customers to adjust project to their own needs, we choose visual identification strategy and prepare concept for Google, Bing(SEM) browsers.

Contact with us

Your inbox is checked on a regular basis, couple times a day. You can also contact with us directly.